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Financing Your New Home

I have asked our mortgage and construction loan officer, Blakley Huntley, to provide a letter of explanation about financing a new home for our customers and I am proud to introduce you to her here.

Cane Valley Lane Subdivision

What if an Environmentalist designed a Subdivision?

How We Work
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Business Plan

The mission of Chandler Design-Build is first and foremost to provide meaningful, sustainable, and gainful employment for our stakeholders and employees. Our primary business is building unique mid-priced homes for clients who are looking for a more personalized home building experience, custom craftsmanship, and an emphasis on "green building systems" with sustainable, low embodied energy content materials that are not pretending to be something other than what they really are.

In that learning and growth are important elements in sustaining quality of life, we will train our co-workers in skills related to running a construction company such as plumbing, radiant floor heating, solar heating, building design, woodworking, and computer use in the understanding that the kind of people we want to have working with us are skill collectors who are always in pursuit of improving their skill set and their understanding of the trade.

Our focus is not on being the biggest or best but on optimizing our shared quality of life balanced between adequate financial resources, varied and interesting work, and flexibility to have time off as needed. In keeping with this we do not measure our performance based on percentage of sales or return on investment but rather on the ability of the company to provide adequate financial compensation to our stakeholders and employees without sacrificing their quality of life at work or at home.


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How We Work

If you are considering having a new home designed and built by the team at Chandler Design-Build you will want to know what to expect from the process. Every designer and builder does it a little differently. Here's the process we have evolved over the past 19 years.


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Builder Management Continuing Education

What would you get if you assembled 20 of the men and women who built these homes in one room several times a year, every year, to share information, secrets, successes and failures?


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The Crew
The Chandler Design-Build Team

Chandler Design-Build will always recognize that people are our most important resource. We recognize our co-workers first of all as it is the team that puts the bread on all our tables. Without the team we are only carpenters and are limited in the scope of the projects we can take on and the quality of the work we can do. Together we can do larger, more complex and more challenging and high quality projects than we could do separately. By building an organizational history of success with large, intricate, and beautiful projects we attract more of those projects to ourselves and we are able to negotiate higher prices due to the higher perceived value of our team and the public's confidence in our team. In this way we also attract higher quality employees as well as creative and appreciative customers. As a home building company we will hold as our ultimate long-term goal that all employees will be able to become homeowners through their participation in the company. We currently have a waiting list of people who want to work for our company as well as for people who want to have homes built by our company. Our company was recognized by Professional Builder Magazine as "One of the 101 Best Companies to Work For in the Residential Construction Industry" in 2002 and again in 2003.

Michael Chandler — 60% stakeholder. Holds multiple job positions as Manager, Sales and Design, Marketing Coordinator, and Production Coordinator.

Manager: Oversee the direction and growth of the company. Establish long term as well as short-term goals. Prevent us from chasing after new types of work or investments in equipment that would be contrary to our long-term goals. Oversee our accounting system in QuickBooks Pro. Manage the profit sharing system and maintain company paid health insurance for employees.

Sales: Work on our goal of maintaining a waiting list and turning away all but the best job opportunities. Manage the Website, postcard, business card and community good will generated by sponsoring community groups. Support our exceptional service and extended warrantee strategies to develop and maintain enthusiastically satisfied clients and past clients. Support linkage between clients to build a network of Chandler-Design Homeowners.

Design: Work with Beth Williams and new clients to create blueprints that reflect their desires and needs for new homes and studio spaces. Work with them to find materials and colors that blend harmoniously in their new environment. Manage the Chandler Design-Build brand by designing homes that display our strengths in trim and creative problem solving and value engineering to the public.

Production Coordination: Work with the trim and framing leaders to schedule the work and the delivery of materials to the jobsites. Manage cash flow by authorizing payments and preparing invoices. Keep an eye on the crew to watch for problems and to keep morale and attitudes positive.

Beth Williams — Co-Designer and Draftsman, Works with Michael and clients to set their dreams on paper in a way that will be build-able within their budget. Beth has a degree in Architecture from North Carolina State University School of Design and has worked in architecture as well as in commercial and residential construction. She has traveled throughout Asia and India during five years living in Japan. Images and influences from her travels add a special flavor to her design work. She has also worked as a pastry chef at a well-known restaurant in Raleigh and has run a baking business supplying pastries to restaurants in Chapel Hill. Her commercial kitchen experience gives her kitchen designs a very practical edge. Beth is a singer and a guitar player and also helps Japanese immigrants adjust to life in America.


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