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A great, cold, wet, and noisy place to work!

Chandler Design-Build will always recognize that people are our most important resource. We recognize our co-workers first of all as it is the team that puts the bread on all our tables. Without the team we are only carpenters and are limited in the scope of the projects we can take on and the quality of the work we can do. Together we can do larger, more complex and more challenging and high quality projects than we could do separately. By building an organizational history of success with large, intricate, and beautiful projects we attract more of those projects to ourselves and we are able to negotiate higher prices due to the higher perceived value of our team and the public's confidence in our team. In this way we also attract higher quality employees as well as creative and appreciative customers. As a home building company we will hold as our ultimate long-term goal that all employees will be able to become homeowners through their participation in the company. We currently have a waiting list of people who want to work for our company as well as for people who want to have homes built by our company. Our company was recognized by Professional Builder Magazine as "One of the 101 Best Companies to Work For in the Residential Construction Industry" in 2002 and again in 2003.

We also always recognize the importance of our subcontractors. We will strive at all times to be sure that they have what they need to make each experience with our company be a successful experience. We will be sure to have the site as ready as possible for them when they arrive, we will give them adequate notice of our schedule, and not call them back for little things that we can easily repair ourselves. At the same time we will hold them to high standards regarding the quality and timeliness of their work and we will expect them to charge market rates for work they do for us and we will not hesitate to replace a sub who is not living up to our expectations.
Finally we will always recognize the importance of our current and past clientele. They are our link to the outside world, to our future clients, and to our reputation in the community. We will nurture their good will and friendship with exceptional service, extended warrantee coverage, and other outreach efforts to encourage their enthusiastic satisfaction. We will encourage past clients to come see what our latest project is looking like and to interact with other Chandler Design-Build clients to reinforce the uniqueness of the creative collaboration between themselves and the Chandler Design-Build team.









































The Crew
The Team — Michael Chandler, Scott Terry, Guillermo Villegas, Matt McDonald, Chris Kersher, Paul Rockwell, Gabriel Garcia and Beth Williams. Not shown, Val Komives.

Will Ford








Chris Kersher — With his background in renovation and insurance repair Chris can work in almost any aspect of the jobsite. Great visualization skills make him a solid framer and brilliant trim carpenter. A passionate work ethic makes him a natural leader who refuses to put out a second-rate product.



Val Komives — Office Manager, Val does her level best to keep the office running smoothly. She keeps the insurance and tax people at bay and makes sure the bills get paid on time. She is a shark about job costing and is in charge of data mining on the assumption that if we don't know what it cost the last time we did something we'll never be able to project what it will cost the next. Her motto, "You don't own it until you write it down."


Mat McDonald — Mat has worked as a commercial plumber as well as a plumbing salesman and is great for dealing with unusual situations involving plumbing fixtures and pumps. A team player at work as well as on the soccer field he loves the intricacies of building science and the way all the systems co-exist to make a home come together. He takes a leadership role when the going gets technical, radiant heat, prepping for spray foam insulation, the gritty stuff behind the walls works because Matt was there before the sheetrockers covered it up.

Guillermo Villegas — ran a successful Framing and siding business before joining us at CDB. We are grateful to have him to help cut the big jobs down to size.





Josiah Whitney







Beth Williams — Design and Drafting, Works with Michael and clients to set their dreams on paper in a way that will be build-able within their budget. Beth enjoys the creative challenge of listening to her clients' and balancing their needs and desires with an environmentally focused response to the site.

Beth has a degree in Architecture from NCSU School of Design and has worked in architecture as well as in commercial and residential construction. She has traveled throughout SE Asia during five years living in Japan. Images and influences from her travels strongly impact her design work.

She has also worked as a pastry chef and has run a baking business supplying pastries to restaurants in Chapel Hill. Her commercial kitchen experience gives her kitchen designs a very practical edge.

Beth devotes her non-drafting time to mothering her 11 year old daughter and exploring creative movement through hoopdance with the Carrboro HoopPath community.

Michael Chandler — "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer", Sales, Estimating, Design, Marketing and Production Coordinator.

Manager: Oversee the direction and growth of the company. Establish long term as well as short-term goals. Prevent us from chasing after new ideas that would be contrary to our long-term goals. Oversee our accounting system in QuickBooks Pro. Manage the profit sharing system. Work with Beth Williams in the design process by preparing estimates and different cost analysis scenarios during the design process and through the contract negotiations and construction and invoicing.

Sales: Work on our goal of maintaining a waiting list and turning away all but the best job opportunities. Manage the Website, postcard, business card and community good will generated by sponsoring community groups and events. Support our strategies to develop and maintain enthusiastically satisfied clients and past clients. Spread the word about green building and Chandler Design-Build through writing and teaching.

Design: Work with Beth Williams and new clients to create blueprints that reflect their desires and needs for new homes and studio spaces. Work with them to find materials and colors that blend harmoniously in their new environment. Manage the Chandler Design-Build brand by creating homes that display our strengths in trim, creative problem solving and value engineering.

Production Coordination: Work with Mat and Chris to schedule the work and the delivery of materials to the jobsites. Manage cash flow by authorizing payments and preparing invoices. Keep an eye on the crew to watch for problems and to keep morale and attitudes positive.










Dedicated craftsmen having a great time building beautiful, high performance homes for enthusiastically satisfied clients.
Mailing address - 3249 Henderson Field Rd. Mebane NC 27302
Office address 1610 Jordan Drive, Saxapahaw NC 27340